As the founder of this site, I have been extremely busy and despite performing many random acts of kindness, I haven’t bothered to record them or even add them to the website.  This happened because I was trying to keep it all low key and not call attention to things I do all the time. I also had some serious medical issues I had to deal with and a very busy job I had to focus on.

That being said, I realized that I had not updated the site for the last couple of years and I was asked about the posting being so old.  Therefore I decided to take an afternoon and post a portion of the acts of kindness I had written in a log.  The many other I did will go un-recorded and unpublished because I just want to keep it from my heart and not worry about posting everything.  I spend about $5,000 of my own money each year on this effort and much of my time helping others when I am not at work.  I made the decision to post the acts of kindness I did record in my log and it did take a while to get them written out.  I believe I am now caught up and I should be able to post acts of kindness and events as they happen.

Christopher Piper