We have all seen those less fortunate on street corners looking for assistance and while some struggle with addictions and others are opportunists, there are those that are just unlucky, alone, and hungry.

I seek out the struggling, those who try but cannot make it in a cold and difficult world.  I will not support addictions but I always try and help the lost and misunderstood, the abandoned,  and those needing something to eat or a friendly voice to talk to or perhaps just someone to listen to them.

One such man was sitting on a somewhat busy corner with people passing by pretending to not see this dishevelled and rough around the edges middle aged man.  When I greeted him he responded politely and braved a smile and responded with a hearty hello.  When I asked how he ended up on the street, he gladly told me of his struggle to make it in a cruel  demanding world and he relayed to me how fate had done him wrong.

I sought out the closest food place and purchased hotdogs, fries and a drink and brought them to him.  This is something I had to do, no choice at all for my life is one of comfort and abundance and it breaks my heart to see the pain on anyones face of the endless struggle.  Expecting a response as many often do…(“don’t give me food, I want money”) this man surprised me and politely thanked me and said it was just what he needed.  I left him with food and some money so he could go on but one more day.

I know that this small gesture will not help in the long term but perhaps for the day or even that hour he will feel a little comfort in knowing that someone showed him kindness and allowed him to face more and keep going.  Perhaps his dignity will struggle with self worth and question fate and purpose but he may feel valued or respected enough to rise above his struggles some day.  He will sit on that corner again and again and I will appreciated my abundance and try to help others.