Chris Piper, Man-Kindness Founder, at an umbrella give away event

I started Man-kindness because I wanted to make a real difference encouraging people to show kindness to one another. This concept is not for the poor, this is for everyone from all walks of life. My dad who frequently showed generosity to others inspired me to start this endeavour. One day a year before he died, my father paid the bills of an entire table of people in a restaurant; his action was impulsive and made many people happy.

Throughout my life I have encountered many personal struggles which has taught me to see, feel, and empathize with others more. In one year I became paralyzed and in a wheelchair, that same year my wife divorced me, and I was also left with crippling debt. Since then I have gone through much pain, suffering, and loneliness. However I chose to never let anything stop me, I managed to maintain a job and successful career all on my own. Despite the lack of human contact, I can still feel love, passion, hope, and try and be the best person I can. I have gone years without even a hug but I am a good person who cares and gives to others.

I perform all manners of anonymous random acts of kindness, which is like a pebble dropping into the water in the pond of life. Ripples of kindness go out in all directions and whether you call it “pay it forward” or “giving back”, it brings smiles and happiness. Even something as simple as a smile can make someone’s day. I am asking you to send out your own ripples of kindness and good will. Perhaps my site will inspire you!

Some of my personal acts of kindness:

I regularly create kindness events where I will approach a business like a coffee shop and give the manager several hundred dollars to allow surprised customers to receive free products and services until the money runs out. Everyone appreciates a free coffee from time to time!

One of my favourite acts of kindness is to surprise people with free umbrellas when its raining. I typically pass out about 20 to 30 umbrellas during a rainstorm to people who are running in the rain and did not have an umbrella.

I noticed an elderly lady in front of me in line at a grocery store. She did not have enough money to pay for her 8 items including cat food and she started putting items aside. I told the clerk ringing in the order to put it on my bill! The lady was happy and was over whelmed with appreciation.

I noticed a large group of women celebrating something at the pub called the Royal Oak on Kent at Slater. They were at the outdoor patio and laughing and having fun. I paid their bill of 180 dollars and they were so happy. One girl was teary eyed as she really couldn’t afford to go out so a zero bill made her emotional.

I paid the bill of several random couples at a local steak house during lunch one day, they were smiling a lot and seemed amazed.

One day a couple from out of town was at the Royal Oak pub enjoying some lunch. I paid their bill and they were very impressed by the generosity of people from Ottawa.

I regularly hold doors for others, hold an elevator for those rushing to get there, and I make conversation with the elderly to show interest and give them some very rare human interaction.