Life has been rough of late. Sudden illness led to taking unpaid time off work in order to get healthy. Money is tight but personal cutbacks made it possible to carry on. Starbucks quickly becomes optional when you don’t have a paycheck coming in biweekly.


Medical fees are covered by the province but prescriptions are on me due to a lack of insurance. It hasn’t been easy but I refused to ask for help. It is my responsibility to take care of myself so it is not right to ask others while I still have resources to use.


Alas this week things changed. Following a dreadful doctor appointment where I became aware that my illness was increasing in severity I went to my local pharmacy to collect a new regime to medication. I was dreading telling my family about this development and that was what I was considering as I walked into the store. I forgot my wallet in the car but only became aware of this when I went to pay for my medication.

Upon discovering my mistake I started to cry. It wasn’t intentional and I were terribly embarrassed but a kind stranger took pity on my plight and passed her Visa to the clerk. I will never forget this day or that person.

I will pay her actions forward.