Today, after attending to a conference, I had lunch with 7 speech-language pathologists colleagues, at Les Trois brasseurs, downtown Ottawa. We were waiting for our meals when I saw another SL-P, eating by herself at a table. I recognise her. She had been, 2007, our teacher for a course in our master degree program at the University of Ottawa. I said to my friend who was beside me: “We should tell her to come eat at our table with us!” My friend said yes, and she went to invite her. We reorganised our chairs at the table and had a great time, talking with her. Time was running fast and we had to get back to our conference. We ask for the build, but the waitress said that somebody had already paid for all of us. We were all surprised, but full of gratitude. We had been kind with our teacher because we had welcome her to our table… and afer, somebody had been kind with us too! Thank you so much for this really generous act. Merci beaucoup à la personne si généreuse qui a payé notre facture. Il existe encore aujourd’hui des personnes extraordinaires, qui diffusent le bonheur et la joie. À nous maintenant de faire de même!