The week had been a hard one for the large groups of people funneling in to work in all the buildings in the area.  I could see on the faces of people how tired they were and how they were discouraged by the winter and the darkness and I guess it just had been a long week for everyone. That’s when I decided to make it a special Friday morning for everyone! Yes, I was going to go down to the coffee shop, give them a stack of money and say I want you to give everybody free coffees until the money runs out.

I spoke to the manager and arranged that the next morning at 7 AM, lots of people coming in would get free coffees. I asked that each person receiving a free coffee would just treat people very well that they would pass on the kindness. If I could bring a smile to lots of people’s faces, I know that that would be all worth it and it’s wonderful to see how people react.

People were pleased, some were shocked and others considered how they could pass on the good will!  I was amazed to see it all on the news later that day. it was wonderful to see so many people happy and so many people appreciating such a small gesture.