Act #31: Double Act of Kindness

Two people were eating dinner at the Royal Oak in downtown Ottawa on the patio. I paid their bill to pay it forward and to my surprise they said this is the second time in a week this has happened. Looks like kindness is spreading! This is Déjà kindness!!

Act #29: Conference Kindness

There were nine ladies from a conference that stopped in for a quick lunch at the “3 Brewers” restaurant in Ottawa. To show the friendly and kind people of Ottawa exist, I paid the whole table bill. This was a random choice to make people smile !! The 250...

Act #28: Surprise Lunch in Ottawa!

I had just finished giving a presentation at a conference in Ottawa. It was a gorgeous (finally!) spring day and I was celebrating and feeling pretty darn good to start with. I treated myself to a pint and a burger and was shocked when someone paid for my bill…...

Act #24: Sparks Fly For Kindness

I noticed a couple on a date and they looked happy so I decided to make them happier! I paid their bill at a Pub/ restaurant in downtown Ottawa at Sparks street and Bank. They were perplexed but happy. I made a difference to their evening.