Random Acts of Kindness

The following are examples of random “acts of kindness”. These are recommended but not limited to these acts, giving is up to the individual. These acts of kindness are meant to be random, spontaneous, and anonymous. Seize upon opportunities that present themselves.

  • Paying for another’s groceries while in line at a grocery store
  • Giving out umbrellas when it’s raining
  • Anonymously paying the bill of groups or couples at restaurants
  • Holding doors open / keeping an elevator door open and wait for someone
  • Offer assistance when help is needed, always put others first.
  • Give up a seat on a bus/train/subway
  • Be a friend to the lonely and the elderly
  • Give compliments

Your Random Acts of Kindness

This website is a compilation of acts of kindness done by Man-Kindness founder and members of the public who have donated their hard earned money to put together an act of kindness.