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Mass Event At Second Cup

Lots of happy customers this morning as staff at a Second Cup coffee shop told them, “Your order is free”. One woman commented she was low on funds and this was a happy surprise !!  People were asked to pass on the kindness and there were big smiles all around!

The Man-Kindness Society made a large donation in order to spread the kindness to as many people as possible this morning.

Act #72: CFRA Story About The Man-Kindness Society

A local group is hoping a little kindness will go a long way.

The Man-Kindness Society donated $500 to the Second Cup on the Corner of Bank and Somerset as part of a pay it forward initiative.

It’s a welcome surprise to those ordering their coffee.

“[I was] surprised for sure,” said Frederic. “I would say that why not? It’s a good idea and it gives me a way to just think about thinking about someone else and for sure, I’m going to do something else for someone else in a way and I hope it will continue.”

“I think it’s wonderful, actually,” said Shannon. “I was running low on cash, so this is great!”

For Chris Piper with the Man-Kindness Society it’s all about seeing the smiles on other’s faces.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to give and I think people need a little bit of happiness, a little bit of smiles,” he said. “We live in a very harsh world and all you seem to hear is a lot of bad news and tragedy. Every once in a while it’s nice to have somebody buy you a coffee, pick up the tab of your restaurant meal and just say ‘look, I appreciate you.'”

Michel Eid, the owner of the Second Cup franchise said they are happy to participate, adding it’s a great initiative.

“Just to see the smiles, even for the little things sometimes, you know? A coffee that costs $1.84, which is not a big deal, but it’s incredible. I don’t think it’s the money that matters, it’s more that it happened and somebody is thinking about the other person,” said Eid. “It means a lot. It’s a big thing.”

Piper, who is sponsoring this kind of initiative across the country, would rather remain anonymous, but decided to speak with CFRA to get his message across and raise awareness about the Man-Kindness Society.

He hopes to inspire enough people to give back to others that one day they can do things like help a senior in need go on a vacation.


Act #13: Coffee For The Masses

The week had been a hard one for the large groups of people funneling in to work in all the buildings in the area.  I could see on the faces of people how tired they were and how they were discouraged by the winter and the darkness and I guess it just had been a long week for everyone. That’s when I decided to make it a special Friday morning for everyone! Yes, I was going to go down to the coffee shop, give them a stack of money and say I want you to give everybody free coffees until the money runs out.

I spoke to the manager and arranged that the next morning at 7 AM, lots of people coming in would get free coffees. I asked that each person receiving a free coffee would just treat people very well that they would pass on the kindness. If I could bring a smile to lots of people’s faces, I know that that would be all worth it and it’s wonderful to see how people react.

People were pleased, some were shocked and others considered how they could pass on the good will!  I was amazed to see it all on the news later that day. it was wonderful to see so many people happy and so many people appreciating such a small gesture.

A hot cup of kindness for dozens in downtown Ottawa

Dozens of people received an unexpected pick-me-up, Friday morning.

Their morning orders at Bridgehead coffee were free thanks to a generous stranger who asked to pick up the tab.

The Ottawa man who wants to remain anonymous approached the store manager the day before with $200 in cash.

Dozens of patrons of this downtown Ottawa Bridgehead Coffee had their morning orders paid for by a complete stranger. (Photo: Mark Dunlay/CTV Ottawa)

“This was definitely a large scale act of kindness. I touched a lot of people this morning. We saw a lot of happy faces,” says manager Harriet Walker.

The only hints about the mystery donor: a business card with a link to a website and the message to be kind to others.

“I’m definitely going to put some thought into it because I mean what a great idea,” says free coffee recipient Lindsay MacDonald.

The pay-it-forward movement lasted about a half hour. Reactions from patrons ranged from pleasant surprise to utter disbelief.

“Well I thought it might be some type of trick. They give you one and you have to buy two or something like that,” says Rod Young who had to be told twice about the kind gesture.

In fact, the gesture was so inspiring some people decided to pay it forward even after the money ran out.

“I actually didn’t get a free coffee. The woman ahead of me got a pay it forward coffee. I heard of these kinds programs before and I thought if I could find one I’d do it,” says Barb Bramwell.

The Good Samaritan who picked up the tab says he’s been doing random acts of kindness every couple of weeks for the past 10 months.

He says he doesn’t have a lot of money, but enjoys making people happy and will continue to do so.

With a report from CTV’s John Hua

Read more: http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/a-hot-cup-of-kindness-for-dozens-in-downtown-ottawa-1.1643875