Lately I was feeling stuck…I had moved here with little belongings in hopes of a better more fulfilling life. It seemed that everything was working against me….my finances a shamble, my job i was unhappy, no friends……no relationship even know I had dated continuously.

I was on the verge on stepping back and returning to where i lived out west, if anything for financial reasons. Then i received a mantra from the spiritual church i belonged to in Edmonton , that made sense and held true to me…

Everything is taken care of, i will be clothed, i will have food, i will have abundance. This rang true to me, as i reflected back on my life. I decided to change my way of thinking, to feel like things were going to change at work and provide me with the financial stability i needed and desired to stay. I also imagined friendly loving people entering my life in order not to feel lonely anymore. The last thing of course is the relationship,…..however everything I have imagined is in fruition, and changing. Then one morning i went to get a coffee at Tim hortons corner of bank and gloucester Ottawa, and i received your card along with a free coffee. Although it was just a small amount i saved that day, the message was hugely encouraging to me. I thought to myself, gratitude, and amazement how you or your society fit into the way i was trying to transform my life, by giving!


Thank you so much! Your little gift is a pleasant reminder and over whelming feeling of gratitude!