It’s an idea based on spreading kindness and helping those in need. Saturday afternoon in downtown Ottawa, a group of people did just that, giving food to the homeless, and sharing hugs with total strangers.

About a dozen people took part in the project, including the founders of the “Let’s Hug It Out” Campaign, a movement based on spreading positivity, happiness and hugs.

“I said, you know what, let’s get out there, it’s a nice day, let’s buy some food and get some meals for some people in need,” said Mitch Proulx, who organized the event.

“It’s just to create awareness we do have this problem locally, and why not share some positivity and wealth,” said participant Jenny Dao.

The group gave away food to those in need, and also a free hug to anyone who wanted one.

“It comes down to being able to do something small form somebody that could change their day, change their hour, change their week,” said Sebastian Hoffsuemmer, who helped create the “Let’s Hug It Out” Campaign.

The group hopes others will help spread their message of kindness and positivity.

“I find a hug can just bring people back to a human connection.”