After enjoying a lovely afternoon eating and having a few drinks on a deck in downtown Ottawa we decided to head home and we asked for our bill.

The waitress informed us that someone, who wished to remain anonymous, had already picked up our tab. We couldn’t believe that someone could be that generous to a pair of strangers! She handed us the card to this website and we checked it out. This gesture really made our afternoon.

Feeling inspired by this generous act we decided to pass it on immediately. We headed to a coffee shop down the street and paid for a gift card and asked the cashier to pay for the drinks belonging to customers who came in after us. The cashier thought it was awesome and as we waited for our drinks we got to witness him explain to others that their drinks were already paid for–everyone reacted as we had, with genuine surprise and delight. I think passing on the nice deed felt even better than being on the receiving end!

Keep it up! 🙂