Man-Kindness was started by one man;

a man who had a dream of inspiring people to be generous, helpful, and to show kindness to others.

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It feels good to give and to put a smile on hard working people who struggling through the day-to-day challenges of life. A small random act of kindness can truly brighten someone’s day.

Act #75: Something About Sour Dough

As I was looking for sour dough bread in the usual section at my favorite grocery store, I came across an elderly woman who seemed out of her sorts. I asked her if there was anything she needed, and it turned out she was also looking for sour dough bread…... read more

Act #72: CFRA Story About The Man-Kindness Society

A local group is hoping a little kindness will go a long way. The Man-Kindness Society donated $500 to the Second Cup on the Corner of Bank and Somerset as part of a pay it forward initiative. It’s a welcome surprise to those ordering their coffee. “[I... read more

Act #71: No Money Needed

Here it is! I had great service at the Sheraton last week…So I filled out a comment card for the young lady behind the desk…It was her first…She was really pleasant! Her boss was standing right next to her and it didn’t cost me a dime only my... read more

Act #70: Groceries in Texas

Today when I went to the grocery store I put too many little things in my cart and came up short. I asked the cashier if I could take some stuff out and the lady behind me said “Don’t worry I got it.” I offered to send her the money back – I... read more

Act #69: Free Hugs

It’s an idea based on spreading kindness and helping those in need. Saturday afternoon in downtown Ottawa, a group of people did just that, giving food to the homeless, and sharing hugs with total strangers. About a dozen people took part in the project,... read more

Act #68: Mass Event At Second Cup

  Lots of happy customers this morning as staff at a Second Cup coffee shop told them, “Your order is free”. One woman commented she was low on funds and this was a happy surprise !!  People were asked to pass on the kindness and there were big smiles... read more

Act #67: A Chance Meeting of Kindness

A young man was having lunch at a outdoor restaurant called Darcy Magee’s when he struck up a conversation with a young lady one table over. They were enjoying their conversation and then eventually the man joined the lady at her table. I paid both their bills... read more

Act #66: THANK YOU

Lately I was feeling stuck…I had moved here with little belongings in hopes of a better more fulfilling life. It seemed that everything was working against me….my finances a shamble, my job i was unhappy, no friends……no relationship even know I... read more

Act #65: Hot Dogs and Guitars

A young woman and man were playing and singing and many happy people were donating to their open guitar case.  I thought they needed refreshment so I bought them both a hot dog from the local street vendor right near them. They were thrilled and smiled, they played on... read more

Act #63: Luck of the Irish

My collegue and I both from Northern Ireland were the recipients a random act of kindness in Ottawa, when much to our surprise and delight found our bill paid for by an unknown person, the only clue being the man kindness card, simply... read more

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You never know what someone is going through, and your small gesture could have a big impact on their life.